What We Do?

Biotech solutions in Turkey (BST) provides integrated services to Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, medical device and health care clients. Customers are mainly pharma companies, diagnostics companies, OTC companies, Hospitals, Clinical and Research Laboratories and Academicans.

Each of our sevices are planed to assist our customers as a partner to grow their businesses or to access new markets or to find best service solution.

BST serves to help deep understanding of the market, designing business plan, setting up international collaboration as for distribution and manufacturing.

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Business Consultancy Services

BST Pharma helps pharmaceutical companies to set and achieve their goals.

BST Genetics helps the clients to provide the best service solutions for the new Genetic applications

BST Diagnostics helps diagnostics companies to create successful partnership and design business plans.

BST Intelligence provides World-class market research and intelligence service for life sciences.

BST Pharma BST Genetics BST Diagnostics BST Intelligence
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Operational Consultancy

BST Quality provides consultancy for pharma companies, hospitals, any clinic and diagnostic laboratories, diagnostic companies and other related request for life sciences companies.

BST Regulatory provides solutions for pharma companies, OTC companies and diagnostic and medical companies.

BST Leadership provides solutions companies that aim to grow with the strength of leadership and engagement.

BST Quality BST Regulatory
BST Leadership
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Biotech solutions in Turkey (BST) is the consultancy branch of Genomedis Biotechnology. Founders of company are combined their strong management experiences in big pharma companies (e.g. Pharmacia/Pfizer, Merck Serono, MSD (Merck in USA) and Montero and also diagnostic companies. Both have strong acedemical background in Life sicences and Molecular Biology & Genetics at PhD and MSc levels. Also gives lectures at Msc and PhD level at well known universities.

With the diverse collaboration network around the world, We serve consultancy services mainly to international companies that aim to enter Turkish market. BST has deep understanding of Turkish Life Sciences market from different aspects. Thus, it makes us different when we found the best matches of your collaboration partners, design your strategic plans and apply it in real life conditions. We have diverse set of services, that make us fully compatible for turnkey projects.

Biotech Solutions in Turkey (BST)